Self-catering home holiday or honeymoon in Lycian & Turquoise Coast of Turkey, KAS



House  full of  Light




Romantic Villa on the bay,with amazing panorama and total privacy




Sleeps 2-4 





A secluded romantic villa, the house of light is a seaside villa in Kas peninsula it has a unique location perfectly situated on the edge of a beautiful cove it stays there by itself, peacefully tucked in the heart of the Mediterranean seashore. Crystal clear Turquoise water, cove is a scuba divers training location and swimming area. There are steps down to the sea from house, At the house when you are on the balcony cove looks like your own private swimming pool and you feel exactly you are on a boat deck, which is on a blue voyage at the Mediterrannean is in the middle of 2500 square meter garden secluded, it is perfect for those who care so much about their privacy, it seems like real world thousand miles away yet center of town 15-20 minutes walking distance markets, restaurants, marina, sea port and all. You can take the minibus going to Kas it stops in front of the house every half hours.constriction of the house is in adobe style it has 330 cm high wood ceiling,9m wood glass doors of living room opens completely to bay view and to balcony, the right hand side: Greek island Megisti and center: round up little islands, on the left hand side: town Kas


 at the north face 4m glass wood doors open to the garden entrance, for winter  it is a solar home do not need any heating and summer ventilation helps cooling, two bedrooms have air conditioners.House blend the indoor and outdoor living experience together it has a big garden with avocado, lemon, orange, tangerine, olive trees and flowers honeysuckle, jasmine and bougainvillea.affordable honeymoon stays, warm winter getaways or to fall in love again with beloved one, celebrate anniversary, view, landscape, sea, sun and open air unlocks the heart's of people, differences are forgotten. images are taken from this house at different times not other locations



morning  10-jan-2014
morning 10-jan-2014